Estrangeiros no momento
Estereótipos portugueses
O nosso colega Nuno Anjos enviou-me há uns três anos este texto, que por alguma estranha razão andava a correr pelos emails do CERN. É uma boa ocasião para o divulgar aqui. Convido assim os leitores a apreciarem a visão que os luso-americanos de segunda e terceira gerações têm de si próprios. Para mim chega a ser comovente este texto escrito por um qualquer "filho da nação", que até sabe jogar sueca e tudo. Os estereótipos aplicam-se na generalidade aos emigrantes portugueses que eu conheci e com quem convivi, se bem que alguns poderiam aplicar-se também a outros povos e mesmo aos americanos. FM

Top ten warning signs that you may be PORTUGUESE:

#10. Your parents own a mercedes that's at least 20 years old.
#9. There are at least 6 people named Maria or Ze in your family.
#8. Guys: You've worn a pair of Jordache jeans with cowboy boots.
#7. Girls: You have at least 4 long black leather jackets in your closet.
#6. Your ears perk up when you hear the sound of "GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!"
#5. There's a Portuguese flag and/or mini soccer ball hanging from your rear view mirror.
#4. Somewhere in your house hangs a picture of the Last Supper.
#3. Your parents are shorter than you are.
#2. There's a chicken, rabbit, or pigeon coupe in your back yard.

And the #1 tip off that you may be Portuguese...

1) There's a construction truck parked out in front of your house.

And if you still wondering, ask yourself this...

Have you ever seen your grandmother, who doesn't speak a word of English, wearing anything but black?
Have you ever been to Newark N.J. at some point in your life?
Do you know where the town of Chaves is?
When you were a child, during lunchtime, did your portuguese rolled sandwiches make you feel like an outsider?
Is there enough hair on your body to frighten a werewolf?
Is there a 6' satellite dish in your yard or roof and do you prefer to eat at restaurants with 6' satellites on their yard or roof?
Do you raise an eyebrow every time you hear the words 'pork chop'?
In summer time, does your back yard smells of sardines?
If you live in CT, do you work at People's Bank?
Do you know how to play swacka? (even if you can't spell it correctly)

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